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Here's a Recap of Redwood ManMaker VIII.

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First, Redwood Men is a brotherhood of men with a deep desire to STAND TALL in life, so that is exactly what we do.  

Our shoulders are back, our chins are up, and our confidence is visible everywhere we go.  

Our past does not define us as we are focused on our future ahead of us.  How we were raised, where we come from, or the mistakes we have made are irrelevant.  Who we are becoming and where we are going is all that matters.  

We have chosen to create the future we have always dreamed of versus continuing to spectate from the sidelines of life.  

We are not perfect, but we are under construction, and because we choose to heavily invest in ourselves with our time, money, and relationships, our growth game is strong!  We have chosen to become the authors of our futures and are daily earning the respect of those who know us best.  

We are whole-heartedly committed to be the heroes of our wives, kids, and ultimately our futures.

As men we know that we live in a world that is in direct opposition with our goals above, and that there is an undeniable war against manhood.  This is why Redwood ManMaker is so vitally important.

Most of us have not been properly equipped or empowered to accomplish all that is required of us as men.  However, we choose not to be victims, but victors embracing the challenge of becoming the real men God designed us to be.


Second, Redwood Men proudly and fervently STAND TOGETHER shoulder to shoulder physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.  

Just as the highly revered, colossal Redwood trees gain their stability and strength from intertwining their roots with other Redwood trees, we also lock arms with each other for the same result.  

Our lack of deep roots from our past upbringing or personal deficiencies no longer limit our ability to grow tall in our future.  Alone, our assignments as men can be daunting.  Yet together we operate with confidence and are driven by purpose as our Redwood “root system” provides all of the necessary components for growth.  Working together we all become better through the nourishment, encouragement, security, acceptance, collective experience, and strength provided to each of us through Redwood ManMaker. 

We enter as average men, but we leave equipped to succeed at all that is set before us now and in the future.  What we may fail at individually, we excel at through community.


Our new life standard of choice is 100% victory in Faith, Family and Finances.  

We aggressively pursue a fruitful life, provide covering and comfort in tough times, and celebrate our victories as a TEAM, all while giving the glory to our God above who is our ultimate "tap root” for wisdom and success.

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